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Are you struggling with taking paper-based and face-to-face courses online? Do you have the amount of learner engagement you expected by converting your courses to videos?



Why Does Passivity Of Video Impact Serious Learning And How Can Interactive eLearning Content Address This?

Talking head videos can weigh down a serious learning experience (hampering the learners’ progress in meeting a specific learning outcome). This challenge becomes even more significant when:

  1. The run length of the video runs into a few minutes and the learner may find the session to be rather monotonous.
  2. The learners are required to learn, apply, and analyze (that is, achieve higher levels of cognition).

Proper interactive instructional design:

  • Provides a proven 10X impact compared to static content.
  • Facilitates pausing of the instructional content at specific instances and introduces learner interactions. These could be letting learners take a decision or bringing in interactions for a personalized learning experience. This also allows the content to be dripped out while people are actively engaging with the material.
  • Ensures that learners remain engaged all the way to the end. The frequent interactivities are likely to keep them hooked at regular intervals, resulting in greater learner engagement.

Stop investing in online training that doesn’t really work.

People want:

  1. Engagement and
  2. Experiences

Not boring information programs. We use positive engagement strategies to motivate your learners to take action.




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