It’s time to address the big question that can keep you searching in circles for hours: what tech tools will allow you to create a learning platform site with the least headache?

This section will shortcut your decision making process, and help you get going with the fun part: creating your courses and memberships themselves, and connecting with your members!

WordPress is an open-source platform, which means you are free to use the software any way you like. Unlike sites hosted on, SquareSpace, Kajabi, Teachable, Thinkific, and other “hosted platforms”, you have complete creative and functional freedom.

Choose a Tool That Matches Your Tech Ability and Is Flexible Enough To Meet Your Long Term Goals


Before we dive into this discussion, I want to share why I recommend WordPress-based membership solutions for most businesses.

Yes, there are other options on the market, but there are many reasons that WordPress powers 59% of all content manage- ment sites on the web.

WordPress is used by some of the most widely recognized brands in the world:

  • The New York Times
  • CNN
  • People Magazine
  • National Geographic
  • Forbes
  • Vogue


The WordPress software package is licensed under the GNU

General Public License (GPL), meaning that anyone can use, copy and distribute the software itself.

This means that the software is freely available, and it’s also being maintained by hundreds of incredibly talented developers from all over the world.

The WordPress community is growing and there are new plug- ins, themes, and add-ons being developed every day. WordPress is also available in 56 languages.

Plus, you have full copyright to the content you add.

Overly complex options

On one side, you’ve got course software that’s super complicated and requires custom coding, memorizing shortcodes, and stringing together different plugins to do what you want to do…

These WordPress solutions are often “too big” for your business to take on alone, and end up costing you way too much in developer fees. (You could end up paying upwards of $20,000 for a learning platform solution this way… and you’ll need to keep paying to be able to maintain and update it!)


Overly simplified options

On the other side, you can choose a ready-made solution. But these are often too simple: you can’t achieve the results you want – like being locked into certain templates, or unable to create the client or marketing flows you need.

These ready-made platforms are “too small” and will limit the growth of your business, forcing you to re-do the work of setting up your site on a longer term solution.

Most of the flexible WordPress plugins you might consider re-quire so many clicks and will take forever to set up. Organizations who choose these may spend months setting up their learning platform sites. You’ll see the differences in-depth through-out this section.

You need a solution that’s the “right size” for your organization.

The reason we offer such a balanced approach is because it was created by a team of digital facilitators and specialists with a solid online education and career services background.

We tend to look at things a little differently, because we’ve run successful online courses and programs for years.

Plus, we actually use the tools we create to power a key part of our business: our own learning platform site.

So not only do you know that these tools work for real, successful organizations, but you can also be confident that we’re going to keep building the features that support the real needs of an online service… because our own marketing efforts require it. As a result, your marketing efforts are made easier, too.

Bottom line: you want to choose a WordPress membership and course creation plugin that makes setting things up easy, but has the flexibility to grow with you – or to be expanded on by developers, if you so choose.